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Making The Most Of Turbulent Times: Pivots and Opportunities


None of us expected this week. We were going to go on vacation, speak at conferences and pitch new clients. And now, we are sitting at home, seeing a constant stream of frightening news flow.

And yet, I am choosing to see this as an opportunity, both for my career and my businesses. Sure, I have lost some revenues, but I have already made pivots to other sources which are on the way up.

I honestly believe this time could be THE time you look back at and see it as the time that propelled you forward. This isn't some hippy law of attraction bullsh*t, this is about evaluating how you can position yourself and your business to serve people in a new environment. 

As a knowledge worker, you are the product. Your skills, your reputation and your network is why you get hired. This time is an opportunity to enhance all of those. 

As a knowledge worker, you are the product. This is the time to invest in that product, by enhancing your existing skills or...

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