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85. "Don't be afraid of the tech," lessons from a non-technical founder

Nasi Rwigema doesn't have a background in software, but that didn't stop him from building his tech platform: Umwuga, a social network for blue collar workers in South Africa. To his surprise, he found that figuring out what people want is much harder than learning about tech.

Nasi is one of Sophia's students from London Business School. He took her course three years ago, and used his knowledge, network and resilience to build his platform.

If you have an idea for a tech venture, as a founder or a corporate innovator, or you want to invest in tech businesses, but don't have a tech background, this episode is for you.

Learning notes from this episode:

  • "Don't be afraid of the tech and don't let not having a tech person hold you back," says Nasi. "Instead, focus on the customer and the problem you are solving."
  • Show traction from the start. This doesn't necessarily mean revenue or explosive user growth. It means doing whatever you can to solve the problem for the customer.
  • ...
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How To Hire Product Teams: A Guide For Non-Technical Founders

In this episode, Sophia Matveeva covers how to hire product teams to make your tech idea come to life. As a non-technical founder, you will not be able to supervise developers directly, but it doesn't mean you need to rely on a CTO co-founder either.

If you have an idea for a tech based business and want to know how to hire the right people to build it, this episode is for you.

Learning notes from this episode: 

  • Work with designers first: your first hire should be a user experience designer, not a developer.
  • You don't need a CTO co-founder, but you do need a technical lead or advisor.
  • Work with a product studio, rather than freelance developers or a development shop at the start.

If you want to delve deeper, then check out the ebook: How to Hire Your Product Team & Go From Idea To App: Guide For Non-Technical Founders.

In the e-book you will get:

  • A list of product studios recommended by non-technical founders including a firm I’ve worked with
  • A...
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4. What Non-Technical Founders Need to Know About Tech

David Segura is a perfect example of how non-techies can thrive in technology. His first venture, Giant Media, was a native video advertising exchange which David sold for millions to an ad tech company backed by TPG & JMI in 2014. Since then David has invested in almost 50 startups, many of which have technology at their core.

In this interview, David talks about what he had to learn about tech as a non-technical founder, whether you need a co-founder and why learning to code is a waste of time.



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The Most Important Thing About Tech

Tech products like apps, sites and algorithms are constantly evolving. Every time an app is released, its makers track how people use it. They use that information to improve it for the next release. 

Traditional products like the chair you are sitting on, are just made and sold to you. The manufacturer doesn't monitor how you sit on the chair to make it more comfortable. 

Tech products are made using a cyclical production process, whereas traditional products are made using a linear one. 

This is the biggest difference and hardest for non-techies to understand, because it is a philosophy of imperfection and co-creation with your users. Instead of making an elaborate plan for the best product possible, you release something simple and improve it with time and use. 

Listen to this episode to understand the steps in the tech cycle. 



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Do you have a brilliant...

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2. How I Built A Global Social Network with Robyn Exton

Robyn is the CEO & Founder of HER, the world’s largest brand for LGBTQ women & queer people. Their app is home to 5 million people across the world, with dating and community connections, and their events run in 15 cities, hosting 50,000 people per year.

She is also an alumna of Y Combinator, the prestigious Silicon Valley accelerator, and has raised $2.5 million from investors.

Despite Robyn's Silicon Valley successes, she is not a technical founder. Her background is in branding.

Listen to hear how Robyn:

  • built a global technology company without a tech background
  • made her first technical hires & hear her advice for non
  • technical founders and non-techies working in tech 



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There are 2 ways to apply this work to your unique challenges:

For companies:

  • If your...
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Chaos Reigned At My Startup Before I Learnt Product Management

After about a year of working with developers, a designer and a community manager to build Enty products, I started feeling pretty good about myself. After all, I started out with no idea about how apps or algorithms, and here I was with both. I even had a happy team. Go me!

So I decided that we should all do a review of our progress and team practices. Give me feedback, I said! Don't hold your fire, I encouraged.

Well. Ahem. They didn't.

The result - I wanted to crawl under my bed and quietly drown in my tears, surrounded by pizza crumbs and Twix wrappers.

The problem that everyone, EVERYONE, told me was that they didn't really understand what we were trying to achieve. We were all working hard, producing new features and pushing out new releases, but my team saw no direction. The chaos was further exacerbated by the total lack of documentation, which meant we created new things pretty much at random. Everyone was frustrated.

I realised I had a full blown rebellion on my hands, and...

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The Non-Technical Founder's Introduction to Tech


A non-technical founder’s job is not to learn to code, but to successfully manage the technology production process and make sure it aligns with business goals. To do this successfully, non-technical founders need to understand technology workflows, learn how to ask the right questions and collaborate with designers and developers.

This webinar teaches you  the basics of user experience design, servers and product analysis.

Listen to understand the key information you need to start building your tech business.  

If you want more, check out the online course

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