5 Tech Concepts Every Business Leader Needs To Know

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Taught by Sophia Matveeva, tech executive coach & Chicago Booth MBA

Contributed to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Financial Times. Lectured at Oxford University, Techstars & London Business School etc

This course is ideal for:

  • Leaders in companies going through digital transformation
  • Non-technical founders
  • Professionals who want to transition into a career in tech
  • Professional services experts who work with tech clients

Ali Jetha, Angel Investor & Chicago Booth MBA

As an angel investor in technology, I find Sophia’s insights and advice very useful, as well as time-saving, helping filter the relevant aspects. Thank you!

Irina Klokova, Management Consultant

Sophia has a talent for explaining complicated tech concepts with simple words. Her own experience gives non-digital native people like me some hope that we can also play roles in the new Digital Era.

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