Resources to learn:

  • The framework for how to go from idea to live product
  • Product management fundamentals
  • How to work with developers effectively
  • How and when to hire a product team


Non-Technical Founder Masterclass

Get an overview of the basic concepts you need to run or launch a tech startup as a non-technical founder from someone who has done it themselves.

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Executive MBA, Said Business School, University of Oxford

I thought that the tech for non-techies class by Sophia was absolutely excellent.

Was a really well presented, practical and succinct overview of how to bring a tech product to market – the steps and the people involved.

Lucia Marin FabianFounder of Hey Spanish

I attended Tech for Non-Technical Founders and it helped me understand all the aspects involved in developing an app, and helped me get investment to build my first prototype.

Sophia explained everything in a very clear and simple way. I couldn’t recommend this class highly enough.

How To Hire Your Product Team

Step by step guide for non-technical founders. 

  • Do you want to get an app built, but you have no idea how much it costs?
  • Are you terrified of handing over cash to developers and getting nothing in return?
  • Do you wonder if you need a technical co-founder and how to find them?
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Do you have an idea for an app, but no tech skills to build it?


Do you have an idea for an app, but no tech skills to build it? Here you will find resources to help you  run or launch a tech startup as a non-technical founder from someone who has done it themselves.

A non-technical founder’s job is not to learn to code, but to successfully manage the technology production process and make sure it aligns with business goals. To do this successfully, non-technical founders need to understand technology workflows, learn how to ask the right questions and collaborate with designers and developers.

Sophia Matveeva has taught Tech for Non-Technical Founders at top institutions, including Techstars, Oxford University and London Business School. Course alumni have used the course to build tech businesses, get funding for their startups and transition into tech careers.

You can get a selection of the resources Sophia has created for non-technical founders here.

Hi! I’m Sophia

I'm the founder Tech For Non-Techies, an online learning community. I have contributed to the Financial Times, The Guardian and Forbes on entrepreneurship and technology. I also led the Blackstone x Techstars accelerator at the University of Texas , and guest lectured at Chicago Booth and London Business School.

As a non-technical founder, I have co-created apps and algorithms that have been used by thousands, won App of the Day by Mashable, and were featured by Inc, the BBC and more.

I love helping entrepreneurs and innovators and have advised Chicago Booth’s New Venture Challenge and the Microsoft x London College of Fashion incubator.

I hold an MBA from Chicago Booth, and a BSc (Hons) in Politics from Bristol.

I also speak Russian and French.

I split my time between London and the South of France, where I play tennis and sail with huge enthusiasm and very little skill.


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Ali Jetha

Angel Investor & Chicago Booth MBA

As an angel investor in technology, I find Sophia’s insights and advice very useful, as well as time-saving, helping filter the relevant aspects.

Thank you!

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