108. How to work with a data scientist

ai and big data innovation tech terms explained Jul 20, 2022

Some problems that annoy you daily could be solved by AI, but most business teams don't know that because they’ve never discussed them with a technologist. Listen to this episode with Dr Catherine Breslin, a machine learning scientist with a PhD from Cambridge, to learn how to make the most of the AI revolution.

Dr Breslin was one of the first people to work on Amazon Alexa and today leaders Kingfisher Labs, a consulting company.

Learning notes from this episode:

  • For AI to have the biggest impact, data scientists need the input of domain experts, who are usually non-techies.
  • To collaborate successfully with a data scientist, Dr Breslin suggests that non-technical teams bring their business wish list to a data scientist. Some of the items will probably be easily solved by technology, while others will not. Having regular discussions between tech teams and business teams will widen your scope of what’s possible.
  • Buying data to build models is a significant cost, which needs to be built into estimates for a data science project.
  • The three factors that influence how effective voice technology can be are language, subject, accent. Voice AI is effective for simple every-day tasks like “what’s the weather today?” in a language spoken by lots of people, but often struggles with specialist subject areas or smaller languages.
  • Voice technology is most effective for the “big’ languages: English, Mandarin and Spanish.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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(Photo by provided by Dr Catherine Breslin)

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