105. A surprising outcome of Speaking Tech (& a lesson from Apple Watch)

apple business strategy innovation tech trends Jun 29, 2022

Listen to what happened when Apple forgot a key market and how to avoid the same mistake. When product teams consist of entirely white males, they make products for white males. When non-technical professionals learn to Speak Tech, you get better products, happier customers & better profits.

Learning notes from this episode:

  • While there are plenty of programs to get minorities into STEM, they will take years to have an effect.
  • In the next few decades, most developers will continue to be white males. To prevent baking unconscious bias into products, the simplest, cheapest and fastest way is to teach non-technical teams how to work with the techies. 
  • Bringing diverse voices into product development is not a moral issue; it is capitalist self-interest. E.g. if women are not involved in product innovation, companies can lose up to 50% market share. 

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(Photo: Diversity in Media panel at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2022. From left to right: Peter Chun, Vayner Media; Lockie Andrews, Pura Vida; Nate Nicholls, The Palette Group; Valerie Vespa, Outfront; Sophia Matveeva, Tech for Non-Techies; Naren Patel, Media For All. Photo credit: Sophia Matveeva)

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