What Developers Do: Front End vs Back End

tech terms explained Feb 03, 2021

In this episode Sophia covers two tech terms you'll hear if you build apps and sites: the back end and the front end. Most apps and sites need to have both to function.

Listen to this episode for a simple non-techie explanation of the back end and front end, what they do and who should build them. This is a useful episode for non-technical founders, product managers, designers and investors.

Learning notes:

  • Developers write computer code to make the design come alive. The vast majority of apps will need to have a front end and a back end.
  • Front end developers create computers that interact with humans. If you can see it, touch it or speak to it, it is a front end. 

  • Back end developers create computers that interact with other computers.

When you are working with a product team, the work cycle will go as follows:

  1. Designers create your prototype
  2. Back end developers build the back end
  3. Front end developers build the front end



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