120. Think like a Venture Capitalist to have a great career

career strategy investing venture capital Oct 14, 2022

Technological change can feel overwhelming even to the world's top technologists. To figure out what's relevant for your career, learn from people who do this professionally: venture capitalists.

  • “The business strategies employed by highly successful start-ups and the career strategies employed by highly successful individuals are strikingly similar," says Reid Hoffman in his book The Startup of You
  • Venture capital premise 1: technology is a tool that solves a problem
    • Ask yourself: what problems is your industry facing now? What problems are you dealing with on day-to-day basis?
  • Venture capital Premise 2: the problem must be important enough to solve
    • Even if the problem exists, it might not be important enough to solve.
    • This is why, you need to think: where is the biggest money drain? Where is the biggest productivity drain?
  • Venture capital premise 3: Invest in the future, not in the now
    • VCs are not investing in today. They are investing in years and even decades ahead. Let’s use the same approach to your career.

    • Does your industry or the company you are working at look promising? Make a plan for how to adjust for future changes. Making a career change always takes longer than we want.

  • Venture capital premise 4: diversify your assets
    • This means doing well in your current role well, and also getting involved with other projects.
    • One of the best ways to do this is to get involved with start-ups, because this helps you understand how innovation works in practice and gives you fresh ideas. 

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