58. How to pivot your way to success

career strategy non-technical founder Aug 04, 2021

Neither life nor business are linear. Startups often pivot their business models several times to find product market fit, just as we try out different careers.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Hannah Feldman, the CEO and co-founder of Kidadl, which helps families do fun and useful things with their kids.

Hannah is a non-technical founder of a digital business. She began her career as a corporate lawyer, then worked in banking, and then with Dragon Den’s James Caan before transitioning into tech entrepreneurship.

Her company, Kidadl also went through pivots before it found product market fit during the Covid shutdowns. Whether you want to build a business or transition into a career in tech, this is a great episode to learn from.

Learning notes from this episode: 

  • “The business strategies employed by highly successful start-ups and the career strategies employed by highly successful individuals are strikingly similar," Reid Hoffman.
  • Most startups have to pivot their business models several times to find product market fit.
  • Career transitions from corporate to tech usually have an interim step in a medium sized entrepreneurial organisation. Hannah learnt about entrepreneurship by working with James Caan after leaving UBS, which helped her spot the right start-up opportunity when it came her way.

Say hi to Hannah here and check out Kidadl here.


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