126. How to become a Digital Leader as the tech sector shrinks

big tech career strategy Nov 23, 2022

As the tech sector lays off employees, there is still plenty of opportunity to be a Digital Leader. 

Playing the long game is making use of the opportunities you have in front of you today, while keeping your eye on the future. 

Here are three ways to become a digital leader today:

  • Work in the digital team of a traditional business:
    • Some traditional businesses also have innovative tech-like environments. E.g. Levi's has a Head of AI, L'Oreal works with data scientists to predict consumer trends and Tesco hired the same UX design team that worked for Google. 
    • Working in these teams can give you the same exposure and skill sets as working in Big Tech.
    • Word of warning: be careful of traditional businesses that have not yet invested in digital transformation or had success with digital teams. This often means that the leadership's mindset isn't up to date and they are unlikely to be good collaborators in the build-measure-learn approach needed in digital.
  • Work with tech sector clients in professional services: banking, consulting, law, marketing etc.
    • E.g. investment bankers that make smart suggestions for acquisitions generate big fees and act as strategic advisors to their clients. But, for this they need to speak tech and link product strategy to business strategy. 
  • Get involved with tech start-ups.
    • This gives you the opportunity learn, network and transform your personal brand into being seen as a tech leader.
    • Getting involved with start-ups while working in your current role means that when the right opportunity comes, you are ready to grab it. 

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