118. Four questions to link business goals to tech tools

Technology is a tool, not an end in itself. The quickest way to bridge the gap between tech and business teams is to relate business outcomes to technology. 

Learning notes from this episode:

  • In every company, you always have two sides: the people who make the product, and the people who sell the product.
    • The aim of both sides is to grow the business, but they solve the same problem using different expertise. (It’s like Oceans 11, but legal)
  • As a leader your job is not to know everything, but to set a vision and break it down into goals. You need to learn, but you also need to know when to stop.
    • This is how non-technical founders build tech ventures and how corporate executives transform traditional organisations into digital leaders.
  • One of the biggest reasons non-technical leaders struggle to collaborate with their technical counterparts is fear that they will not understand what the technologists are talking about.
    • To solve, this, you need to learn to Speak Tech.
    • A quick hack, even without knowing any tech concepts, is to relate business outcomes to technology.
  • Most tech tools help companies achieve these four business aims:
    1. Reach scale
    2. Increase efficiency
    3. Increase customer satisfaction
    4. Improve security

You can start learning how to become a Digital Leader today by asking your tech colleagues how their work impacts these four areas.


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