121. Five things you can do to Thrive in the Tech Age

career strategy entrepreneurship Oct 19, 2022

If you want to have a great career today, you simply have to Speak Tech. But, taking courses is not enough. You must combine learning with smart actions to make your investment pay off.

Here are five action steps you can take today to thrive in the Tech Age:

  1. Get involved with a tech start-up:
    • if you have specialist expertise, offer to become an advisor to a start-up so you can learn how digital innovation works from the inside.
    • For example, if you are a lawyer, offer your legal expertise in exchange for sitting in product meetings as an observer.
  2. Get involved with an accelerator:
    • this is like point one, but instead of offering your expertise to a specific start-up, offer it to an organisation that helps start-ups.
    • angel investment networks are also another useful route to follow here.
  3. Create your own tech focussed meet-ups:
    • This is especially useful if you want to learn and build your network in a particular niche. For example, if you work in a real estate investment fund, host events with start-ups and corporate innovators who are inventing new products in this space.
    • By being the moderator of these discussions, you grow your knowledge, build your network and expand your personal brand.
  4. Go to the innovation department or the product team and ask them what they are working on.
    • One of my students did this. Juliet Eysenck was a journalist at the Telegraph Media Group in the UK. She built relationships with the digital product team and ended up pivoting her career to become a product leader.
    • Listen episode 11. How to Transition into Product Management for Non-Techies with Juliet Eysenck to hear how she did it.
  5. Look at your existing LinkedIn connections, find people who are working in technology innovation and contact them.
    • Remember, this contact does have to work in a tech company. They could be like Juliet, working on the digital side of a traditional business innovation.
    • Ask these contacts to meet up so you can ask them about their work. You might make new friends or rekindle friendships, while building knowledge for your career.


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