170. Advisory Boards: why join them & why have them

career strategy entrepreneurship hiring personal brand Sep 27, 2023

If you want to run a start-up, get to the top of a corporate, get headhunted for board roles or become a Smart Money investor, joining an advisory board is a smart move.

But, for advisors, boards can can also become a time drain and a risk to your reputation. 

For founders, advisory boards can be a source of deals, funding and support, or a costly distraction.

Listen to this episode to learn why joining a start-up advisory board can be one of the smartest career moves you could ever make, and avoid the "dumb advisor" trap. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Advisor compensation: what to expect
  • How to use a start-up advisory board position for your career goals
  • How to be a great advisor to a start-up
  • How smart founders pick advisors and work with them

You will learn from Andi Govindia, CEO & Co-Founder of Riviter, and Sophia Matveeva, who sits on Riviter's advisory board.

Andi previously appeared on this podcast in episode 62. How I used accelerators to build a tech business

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