39. What do tech CEOs actually do‪?‬

business strategy career strategy entrepreneurship non-technical founder Mar 24, 2021

Whether you’re leading Netflix or a tiny start-up, you're going to develop similar skills. You will need to work with people who have different talents and skills to you, like your CTO or your tech lead.

Your job is to learn to ask the right questions and set clear aims, and then work with your team to help you get there. These are the same skills that great product managers and smart tech investors have mastered too.

Learning notes from this episode:

The tech CEO's job is to work with other people who have different skills to reach a clear business aim. It is not to supervise everything or do everything themselves. 

You can use technology and data to answer all sorts of business questions, such as:

  • Where shall we drill for oil?
  • Should we make more lipstick? 
  • How should we price our product? 
  • Who are our most profitable customers? 

In all of these questions, the aim is to make the business better, not to build tech tools for the sake of it.

In a tech business or a tech product you do not need to have a clear plan for exactly which features to build or what tools to use. This will become clear as you take steps to reach your aim and get user feedback.



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