195. Intrapreneurship vs Entrepreneurship

business strategy digital transformation entrepreneurship innovation Mar 20, 2024

Today, start-ups are seen as the hotbed of innovation and corporates are dismissed as laggards.

But, when large companies innovate successfully, they have a huge impact. They have the resources and the built-in customer base to scale quickly.

In this episode you will learn how corporate innovation differs from what happens in start-ups, and how to get corporate innovation right.

You'll hear from Louis Gump, former head of CNN Mobile and former VP of mobile at The Weather Channel. Louis is the author of author of the book The Inside Innovator: A Practical Guide to Intrapreneurship.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The character traits you need to have to be a successful intrapreneur vs a founder
  • How to approach innovation when times are tough (when revenues are shrinking, should you invest in risky projects?)
  • Why companies like Google create so many successful founders

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