142. From dentist to tech founder

innovation non-technical founder product management Mar 15, 2023

Dr Marilyn Sandor is the founder of GoodCheckUp, a telehealth app that gives you dental care whenever, wherever. But her success story came out of a crisis: when Covid struck, she had to shut down her dental clinic, thus losing her income and leaving her patients in the lurch.

Not one to sit still, Dr Sandor created a telehealth app to treat her patients remotely. Her patients loved it, and today GoodCheckUp helps dentists around the US treat patients and generate incomes.

Dr Sandor had to learn to speak tech, so she could be an effective leader and collaborate with her tech team. But, she spends most of her time thinking about the user, not the technology. This is why people want to use her product.

This is a great episode for:

  • founders
  • corporate innovators
  • product managers
  • tech investors

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