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  • Learn the basic concepts you need to run or launch a tech startup
  • Get a product development framework to go from idea to live product
  • Learn when to use no code tools and when to build your own
  • Get checklists and bonuses to keep

When: Saturday 15 May 2021 10:30 BST - 12:00 BST via Zoom


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Get the knowledge & confidence to go from idea to product!

In this online workshop you will get an overview of the basic concepts you need to run or launch a tech startup as a non-technical founder from someone who has done it themselves.

In this 90 minute training, you will learn:

  1. The basic concepts you need to run or launch a tech startup
  2. Product management
  3. User experience design
  4. The difference between front and back-end development
  5. What analytics are and how they can help you
  6. How to use no code tools to test your idea


By the end of this workshop, you will have a framework for product development. You can use this for conversations with advisors, investors and partners.

This workshop teaches the introductory concepts that Sophia Matveeva teaches at London Business School and the Blackstone x Techstars accelerator at the University of Texas, El Paso.

No technical knowledge is required. You just need an internet connection to get onto the Zoom session! 


This session is ideal for:

  • non-technical founders
  • investors who want to invest in tech
  • product managers
  • innovation managers


With this purchase you will get:

  1. access to the live workshop & Q&A
  2. a recording of the session
  3. learning notes from this session
  4. podcast guide to help you learn via TFNT podcasts
  5. suggested reading material 
  6. key concept summary 
  7. guide on how to go from idea to live app

If you are working on a specific idea, this is an ideal opportunity to get live expert feedback.


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Jack Gove

There really is nowhere else doing what Sophia is doing at Tech for Non-Techies!

Hi! I’m Sophia

I'm the founder Tech For Non-Techies, an online learning community. I have contributed to the Financial Times, The Guardian and Forbes on entrepreneurship and technology. I also led the Blackstone x Techstars accelerator at the University of Texas, El Paso guest lectured at Chicago Booth and London Business School.

As a non-technical founder, I have co-created apps and algorithms that have been used by thousands, won App of the Day by Mashable, and were featured by Inc, the BBC and more.

I love helping entrepreneurs and innovators and have advised Chicago Booth’s New Venture Challenge and the Microsoft x London College of Fashion incubator.

I hold an MBA from Chicago Booth, and a BSc (Hons) in Politics from Bristol.

I also speak Russian and French.

I split my time between London and the South of France, where I play tennis and sail with huge enthusiasm and very little skill.

As seen in

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Irina Klokova

Management Consultant

I consider myself lucky that I have discovered "Tech for Non-Techies" created by Sophia Matveeva (recommended by my friend).

Sophia has a talent to explain complicated tech concepts with simple words. Her own experience gives non-digital native people like me some hope that we can also play roles in the new Digital Era.