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Hi! I'm so glad you came

My name is Sophia Matveeva and I started a tech company without a technical background during my MBA at Chicago Booth. It took time, blood, sweat and tears (mostly mine), but our app became Mashable's App of the Day and my company was ranked as one of the top global fashion tech startups by Grazia.

I started sharing my learning on Forbes and at business schools around the world. I created Tech for Non-Techies because I wish it had been around when I delved into the confusing and jargon filled world of tech. 

"At London Business School, we built a six-month programme dedicated to helping students transition into tech. Tech for Non-Techies was one of the most valuable workshops we ran as part of the programme."

Nasi Rwigema
London Business School, Tech & Media Club President

Understand the cyclical nature of making tech products

Traditional businesses follow a linear process. Tech companies follow a cyclical one, so they can learn and iterate on the go. If you understand which steps to take to build an app or site, and in what order, you will know enough to be dangerous.  

We've created a short and practical guide on the key concepts you need to know to go from idea to live product.

We created this to save you time, money and stress. 


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I'm Sophia. Great to meet you!

I created Tech for Non-Techies because it is exactly what I needed when I began delving into the jargon filled technology sector.


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