In the notes for podcast episode 47 How to make a prototype for your product, you will get:

  1. The resources Sophia mentions in the podcast episode

  2. The 5 UX questions to keep asking yourself (at any stage of product development)

  3. Bonus recommendations on user experience design for non-techies (books, articles, podcasts)

Written by Sophia Matveeva, tech entrepreneur & Chicago Booth MBA. 


As seen in Forbes, Financial Times, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, CNBC and more

Nasi Rwigema,

London Business School Tech & Media Club President 2019/20

At London Business School, we built a six-month programme dedicated to helping students transition into tech.

Tech for Non-Techies was one of the most valuable workshops we ran as part of the programme. 

Lucia Marin Fabian,

Founder of Loop

Tech for Non-Technical Founders helped me understand all the aspects involved in developing an app, and helped me get investment to build my first prototype.

Sophia explained everything in a very clear and simple way. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.

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