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The Non-Technical Founder's Introduction To Tech


Do you have an idea for an app or a web-based business, but no idea how to build it? Or do you want to build a tech product for your company and have no idea where to start? Do you identify with the photo above?

Then watch the webinar!

This is a free taster session of the course taught at elite organisations, including London Business School, and of course Tech for Non-Techies.

In this webinar you will get an overview of the basic concepts you need to run or launch a tech startup as a non-technical founder from someone who has done it themselves.

In this 60 minute recording, you will get:

- Intro to product management
- Difference between back end and front-end development
- User experience design and UX testing
- Introduction to analytics

If you want to learn about the full course, they're here.

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